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[Note] Neopets Autobidder Progress

This is the current workup for the neopets auction bot:

Currently, i have all the complex coding done, just have to work out the last few bugs here and there, and then decide how to integrate the bot with an auto stocker (wether to pass the sell price from url to url, until it reaches the stock, or to just query again later on).

Main Auction Page
Create list of items to query
Send request to php
Return list of items maxprice & sell price
Parse list
Loop through each row
Check if item is in list
If it is, check if its a NF only auction
If its not, check to see if maxprice is less than the current price
If it is, check to see if the page is on the ignore list
If it isnt, open the page in a new tab with max price as an url paramater (possibly also sell price?)
Add opened page to ignore list (greasemonkey var?)
Wait between 7 and 15 seconds, refresh page

Bid Page
Parse max price from url
Get username from page
Check to see if the auction is over/invalid/too expensive
If it is, close the page
If it isnt, Check to see if the last bidder was the user
If it is, refresh the page
If it isnt,
modify the form to pass the maxprice in the url when submitted (possibly also sell price)
submit the bid

Bid Submission
Parse max price from url
Check if bid successful (find BID SUCCESSFUL)
If yes,
find link on page (loop through ‘a’ elements)
modify link to pass the maxprice in the url when submitted (possibly also sell price)
If no, check reason
If not enough money, close
If need to wait, history back
If bid twice in a row, back : (Sorry, you are not allowed to bid on an auction two times in a row)


[PHP] Hit Counter using MySQL Database

Little script I wrote this morning which uses a database to store number of hits on a page:

	$dbhost = '1';
	$dbuser = '2';
	$dbpass = '3';
	$conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die ('0');
	$dbname = '4';

	$page = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
	$result = mysql_query("SELECT HIT_COUNT FROM  Hit_Count WHERE Page_Name = '$page'");

	$any = false;
	while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
		$any = true;
		$counter = mysql_result($result, 0) + 1;
		$sql = "UPDATE Hit_Count SET HIT_COUNT = '$counter' WHERE Page_Name = '$page'";

	if($any == false) {
		$sql = "INSERT INTO Hit_Count (Page_Name, HIT_COUNT) VALUES ('$page', '1')";


The script will output the current hit count, you would use the script like this:

<?php include("location/hitcount.php"); ?>

The tables set up is this:

Page_Name [text]		HIT_COUNT [int(11)]
/files/Image%20Gallery.php 	2
/ 				4